Who We Are?

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Our Mission

In 2007, Holo Battery was founded with a mission that to be the benchmark of custom battery pack industry. Driven by the mission, Holo Battery started developing and producing safer and more reliable lithium batteries for all applications.

Holo Battery has influenced lithium battery pack design and development since its foundation. And we will continue to do so in the future.

Our Core Value

Never Stop Pursuing For Excellence

Don’t be satisfied with what you have now. To stay ahead, we all need to give it our best shot. When there’s a chance to be unbeatable, we have no reason to refuse taking one more step.

Get Prepared For Any Challenge

Challenges are faced by everyone. No one can predict what life may hold, so the only way to get through it all is to prepare with both your head and your heart. As soon as you encounter an obstacle, attack it with logic, break down its pieces and then try some action.

Think Up And Do New Things

In order to find new lands and oceans, we need a team of brave sailors, but also the courage to lose sight of the shore. At Holo Battery, we value innovation and enjoy the process full of constant challenges.

Focus To Hit The Goal

No one can hit the target with his eyes closed. If you want to achieve anything in life, remember to keep your eyes open and keep concentrating on what you want. Focus like a laser beam on what we want to achieve and eventually it will happen.. 

Our Clients

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Designed & Developed Mission Critical Lithium Battery

We also designed and developed mission-critical lithium battery systems for the miltary.

Want To Be the Next Winning Project?

Holo Battery’s battery solutions and services give you an absolute edge over your competitors.

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