Top 10 Custom Battery Pack Manufacturers in China

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In the electrifying realm of custom battery pack manufacturers, China stands unmatched. 

Join us as we spotlight the top 10 luminaries shaping this dynamic industry. Trust us, you won’t want to miss the energy-packed revelations ahead! 

Holo Battery

holo battery

Holo Battery has been a game-changer in the custom lithium battery pack industry since 2007. With over 16 years in the business, they’ve successfully powered more than 6000 projects, showcasing their unmatched expertise.

Their diverse product range caters to robotics, electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and solar applications. Notably, their battery packs are designed for resilience, even in freezing temperatures, and promise a long cycle life. Whether it’s 12V or 72V lithium battery packs, Holo Battery delivers.

Quality is paramount at Holo Battery. They use only the Grade A lithium cells, ensuring durability and optimal performance. 

Their advanced BMS guarantees both safety and efficiency. And no matter where you are globally, Holo Battery’s technical support ensures you’re always backed up.

In a nutshell, for top-notch custom battery solutions, Holo Battery is the industry’s gold standard.

Shenzhen Honghaosheng Electronics


Shenzhen Honghaosheng Electronics has been a part of the lithium-ion battery sector for over 18 years. Established in China, the company has grown to produce a variety of products, including lithium power battery packs and specialized offerings such as waterproof and explosion-proof batteries.

The company places emphasis on its production capabilities, with a facility that spans 10,000 square meters. This expansive setup allows them to produce over 50,000 units daily. Their product range is diverse, catering to various sectors from electronic devices to more specialized areas like electric vehicles.

Honghaosheng also highlights its commitment to quality. They have a dedicated laboratory where each batch of batteries undergoes more than 11 different strict quality tests. This focus on quality assurance is a key aspect of their operations, ensuring that the products they deliver meet certain standards.

In terms of services, the company offers OEM/ODM solutions, aiming to provide a comprehensive battery solution for their clients. They emphasize their ability to customize batteries for special purposes, tailoring their products to meet unique demands.

Shenzhen Data Power

data power

Shenzhen Data Power has been a participant in the lithium-ion battery industry since its establishment in 2009. With its roots in China, the company has expanded its operations, boasting factories in both Shenzhen and Dongguan. Their facility, covering an area of 12,000㎡, is equipped to produce a commendable 100,000 lithium batteries daily.

The company’s product range is versatile, catering to various sectors. From electronic appliances and medical equipment to bluetooth devices and electric vehicles, their lithium battery products have found applications in a myriad of fields. Additionally, they highlight their global presence, having expanded their business to over 50 countries, showcasing their reach in the battery market.

Data Power emphasizes its commitment to quality and safety. Their products come with certifications such as CE, CB, KC, UL, and more, ensuring they meet international standards. With a team comprising 500 employees and 25 R&D engineers, they aim to provide reliable battery solutions to their clientele.

Dongguan Large Electronics

large electronics

Dongguan Large Electronics founded in 2002, has steadily made its presence felt in the lithium battery sector over the years. Situated in Dongguan, China, the company boasts an array of products, from smart lithium batteries to specialized variants like explosion-proof batteries.

Their expansive facility is a testament to their scale of operations, churning out a vast number of lithium batteries daily. The versatility of their products is evident, catering to sectors as varied as medical equipment, smart homes, security, and the emerging 5G Internet of Things.

What’s noteworthy about Dongguan Large Electronics is their emphasis on continuous improvement and adaptation. Their in-house R&D team, comprising experts from various fields, collaborates to innovate and refine their offerings. This dedication ensures they not only meet but often exceed the ever-evolving demands of the global market.

Shenzhen Manly Battery


Shenzhen Manly Battery established in 2009, has been navigating the lithium battery industry for over a decade. Located in Shenzhen, China, the company has expanded its operations and now boasts three production bases situated in Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Huizhou. With a sprawling facility that covers 1,200,000 square meters, they have the capacity to produce an impressive 1,200,000 battery cells daily and 3,000 battery packs.

Diving deeper into their offerings, Manly Battery provides a diverse range of products. From robotic batteries and solar batteries to electric vehicle batteries, their portfolio caters to various sectors. Their commitment to quality is evident, with products undergoing rigorous testing and certifications such as UN38.3, MSDS, UL, IEC, and more.

The company’s emphasis on innovation is also noteworthy. With an R&D center and a dedicated team of over 100 professional engineers, they continuously strive to refine and enhance their products. For businesses with specific requirements, Manly Battery also offers OEM and ODM services, showcasing their flexibility and customer-centric approach.

Eco Power Group

eco power

Eco Power Group stands as a global entity in the lithium battery domain. With a focus on offering lithium-ion batteries, energy storage systems, and various components, they’ve positioned themselves as more than just a battery company. Their mission is clear: to provide the public with an eco power battery solution that balances ecological and economic efficiency.

Diving into their product range, Eco Power Group offers prismatic high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. These batteries, whether using lithium iron phosphate or ternary lithium as the cathode material, are designed to deliver long cycle life, high charge/discharge C-rate, and impressive energy density. Their commitment to safety and performance is evident, with products boasting features like super-fast charging, high capacity, and extended cycle life.

Beyond products, the company emphasizes its innovative technology, precision manufacturing strength, and stringent quality management. Their approach is holistic, offering tailor-made battery solutions for various applications, from commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles to expansive energy storage systems.



Polinovel has carved a niche for itself as a reliable lithium battery manufacturer in China. With an innovative approach that combines R&D, manufacturing, and sales, they cater to both distributors and exporters. Their expertise spans over 15 years, and they’ve established a reputation for delivering long-lasting and safe lithium battery solutions for a myriad of commercial applications.

Diving deeper into their offerings, Polinovel’s product range is vast and varied. From LiFePO4 batteries with remote on and off control to lithium batteries designed specifically for light electric vehicles like forklifts and golf carts, they’ve got it all. Their energy storage solutions are particularly noteworthy. As the demand for home energy storage systems grows, Polinovel’s lithium-ion batteries stand out for their minimal maintenance, safety, efficiency, and longevity.

But what truly sets Polinovel apart is their commitment to customization and quality. They understand that every business has unique needs, and they offer tailor-made battery solutions to match. From branding and specifications to design and functionality, Polinovel provides comprehensive customization options. 

Huizhou JB Battery

huizhou jb battery

Huizhou JB Battery has been a prominent figure in the lithium battery sector since its inception in 2008. Situated in Huizhou City, Guangdong, China, this company has dedicated itself to the design and assembly of custom battery solutions, catering to a wide array of electronic and industrial applications.

Delving into their product lineup, JB Battery offers a comprehensive range of battery types, including Lithium-ion, Li-Polymer, Ni-MH, and LiFePO4 batteries. Each of these batteries is tailored for specific applications, be it for electronic toys, power tools, lighting systems, RFID products, or even hybrid vehicles. Their commitment to quality is underscored by the rigorous testing each product undergoes, ensuring they adhere to global standards and certifications.

Beyond just products, Huizhou JB Battery takes pride in its ability to offer customized battery solutions. Their portfolio includes batteries for diverse applications such as electric bikes, boats, golf carts, aerial work platforms, and more.

Frey New Energy

frey new energy

Frey New Energy has firmly established itself as a leader in the lithium battery industry since its foundation in 2010. Based in Xu Zhou, Jiang Su Province, China, Frey Battery is renowned for its specialization in crafting custom lithium LiFePO4 battery cells, modules, and battery packs. These are meticulously designed for heavy-duty machines and vehicles that require consistent high-capacity motive and traction power.

Their product range is a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation. From underground mining trucks, where safety is of utmost importance, to electric train locomotives, airport ground support equipment, and industrial robots, Frey Battery’s solutions are versatile and trusted. Their products undergo stringent testing and are backed by certifications such as UN38.3, RoHS, CE, and MA® (specifically for Underground Mining).

Their case studies, like the 96kWh Custom Lithium Pack for Mining Locomotives, highlight their expertise and the confidence industry leaders have in their offerings. With a decade of experience, Frey Battery remains at the forefront, delivering tailored, high-capacity lithium power solutions for industrial applications.

Padre Electronics

padre electronics

Padre Electronics, with its roots dating back to 2005, stands as a vanguard in the lithium battery arena. Situated in the bustling city of Shenzhen, China, Padre Electronics has carved a niche for itself by specializing in high-quality lithium polymer battery cells, battery packs, and custom lithium-ion power packs.

At the heart of Padre Electronics is their core business: lithium polymer batteries. This focus, which constitutes ninety percent of their operations, sets them apart. Their unique edge lies in their in-house mold workshop, enabling them to craft new molds and battery models swiftly. With over 3,000 different battery models in their catalog and continuous investments in advanced manufacturing facilities from Japan and South Korea, they ensure top-tier quality. Their commitment to excellence is further emphasized by their 100,000-nanometer-level clean room system, ensuring high-reliability battery production.

The brilliance of Padre Electronics extends to its R&D prowess. Their team, a blend of battery experts, doctors, and engineers, many with over two decades of experience, drives innovation. This expertise has led to the development of a plethora of specialized batteries, from ultra-thin and ultra-narrow batteries to high-temperature batteries and rapid charging solutions. Their versatility is further showcased by their custom lithium-ion battery packs, tailored to diverse client needs.


Navigating through China’s custom battery pack manufacturers has been nothing short of electrifying. These trailblazers aren’t just creating batteries; they’re shaping the future of energy, one cell at a time.

Thank you for embarking on this charged journey with us. As you power up your next device, remember the innovation and passion that fuels it. Here’s to a world where our tech, and our spirits, always remain fully charged!